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Western Video Market

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Lot 4049

[04/11/18] Western Video Market - Internet Sale

This lot has been updated since it has been posted

Breed Description: 90% BLK, BWF, bal RED HIDED/ CHARX

Head Count: 136

Base Wt: 710

Additional Information

Head Count / Sex 136 Steer Calves
Base Wt 710
Location Farmington, CA; 60 mi S of Sacramento, CA
Delivery Date 04/23/18 - 04/27/18
Special Programs SAV, NHTC, Verified Natural, GAP 4
Breed Description 90% BLK, BWF, bal RED HIDED/ CHARX
Origin Ranch Raised
Cert Co IMI Global
Var Uneven
Frame Med-Lrg
Flesh Medium
Bangs NA
Implants 0
Feed On Cow on Native Pasture
Shots 8-way (2X), Pyramid 5 Plus Presponse SQ (2X), Tetanus, Multimin + Cydectin
Shot Programs NONE
Weigh Gather from large pasture, sort from cow, weigh on ground, 2% shrink
Slide .08 off/on up to 25# over/under base weight
Mkt/Rep THE STOCKMAN'S MARKET, INC. - (805) 501-3210 - CIRCLE 25 SLIDE


136 Steer Calves


Comment: Chris and Todd are great stockman and have a very good reputation for genetics, vaccination protocol and deliveries. Buyer receiving big-end off of the Farmington Ranch with a 2% shrink after big gather and sorting. 48' cattle wagon or less required for this shipment.