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Western Video Market

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Lot 4005

[04/15/21] Western Video Market - Video Sale

This lot has been updated since it has been posted

Base Wt: 480

Additional Information

Head Count / Sex 196 Steer Calves
Base Wt 480
Location Lost Hills, CA: 50 mi W of Bakersfield, CA
Consignor TT CATTLE
Delivery Date 04/20/21 - 04/20/21
Special Programs SAV, NHTC
Breed Description 95% BLK or BWF 5% CHAR or Solid RED; few with a tick of ear
Origin Ranch Raised
Cert Co IMI Global
Var Uneven
Frame Medium
Flesh Med-Grn
Bangs NA
Implants 0
Feed On Cows on Native Pasture
Shots 8-way, Inforce 3, vista Once (2 Pasturella) Injectable wormer
Shot Programs NONE
Weigh Day before shipping gather, sort off cows, sort for sex, overnight hay only, weight straight.
Slide .12 off @ 1# over base weight
Mkt/Rep THE STOCKMAN'S MARKET, INC. - (559) 730-3311 -


196 Steer Calves


Comment: Calves have advanced in quality tremendously. Buyer receives biggest and best of 500 calves. Run in extremely dry country. Will wean easily. Multiple family irons.