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Western Video Market

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Lot 4002

[04/15/21] Western Video Market - Video Sale

This lot has been updated since it has been posted

Base Wt: 380

Additional Information

Head Count / Sex 230 Steer Calves
Base Wt 380
Location Lost Hills, CA: 50 mi W of Bakersfield, CA
Consignor TT CATTLE
Delivery Date 04/20/21 - 04/20/21
Special Programs SAV, NHTC
Breed Description 95% BLK or BWF 5% CHAR or Solid RED; few with a tick of ear
Origin Ranch Raised
Cert Co IMI Global
Var Uneven
Frame Medium
Flesh Medium
Bangs NA
Feed On Cow on Native Pasture
Shots 8-way, Inforce 3, vista Once (2 Pasturella) Injectable wormer
Shot Programs NONE
Weigh Day before shipping gather, sort off cows, sort for sex, overnight hay only, weight on ground, straight.
Slide .12 off @ 1# over base weight
Mkt/Rep THE STOCKMAN'S MARKET, INC. - (559) 730-3311 -


230 Steer Calves


Comment: This program has advanced in quality tremendously, due to strict culling and bull power buyer receives younger end of steers. Multiple family irons. Bred and run the same. Cattle are 100% Angus sired many by Silveira Brothers Angus. Good weigh and dust free corrals.