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Western Video Market

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Lot 1278

[12/01/20] Western Video Market - Sale

This lot has been updated since it has been posted

Head Count: 155

Base Wt: 700

Additional Information

Head Count / Sex 155 Weaned Steers
Base Wt 700
Location Grass Valley, NV; 30 mi S of Winnemucca, NV
Delivery Date 12/03/20 - 12/05/20
Load Big Loads
Special Programs SAV, NHTC, Verified Natural
Breed Description 100% BLK, BWF, BBF; Riverbend, Maag, Rice Blk Ang bulls on mostly Blk cows
Origin Ranch Raised
Cert Co IMI Global
Var Uneven
Frame Medium
Flesh Medium
Bangs NA
Implants 0
Feed 50% Long Stem Alfalfa, 50% Orchard Grass
Shots 5/15/20: Cavalry 9, Pyramid 5+ Presponse SQ, Pour-On; 10/5/20: Cavalry 9, Pyramid 5+ Presponse SQ, Pour-On; BQA
Shot Programs NONE
Weigh Early AM gather, weigh on ground, 3% shrink
Slide .10 off/on up to 25# over/under base weight
Mkt/Rep SHASTA LIVESTOCK AUCTION YARD, INC. - Mark Venturacci (775) 427-8713 - CIRCLE 25 SLIDE


155 Weaned Steers


Comment: Reputation steers coming from longtime Nevada ranching family. Summered outside on range conditions, backgrounded 60 days and ready for grass or the feedlot. Bunk broke. BeefCARE certified by IMI Global. China EV Angus Verified