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Western Video Market

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Lot 8211

[08/17/20] Western Video Market - Video Sale

Additional Information

Head Count / Sex 500 Weaned Lambs
Base Wt 97
Location Garland, UT; 30 mi N of Ogden, UT
Delivery Date 11/10/20 - 11/25/20
Special Programs WVM NATURAL
Breed Description 70% SMUT FACE, 30% WF; SAMM/RambouilletX ewes and SuffolkX rams
Origin Ranch Raised
Cert Co 0
Var Mod Uneven
Frame Medium
Flesh Medium
Bangs N/A
Implants 0
Feed Dry Mountain Pasture
Shots 8-way @ docking & wean
Shot Programs none
Weigh Overnight stand without feed or water, daylight load, weigh on truck, no shrink
Slide 1.00 off/on up to 7# over/under base weight
Mkt/Rep SHASTA LIVESTOCK AUCTION YARD, INC. - Justin Roche (435) 327-1842 - CIRCLE 7 SLIDE


500 Weaned Lambs


Comment: Super set of long 60 day weaned mountain lambs that have never been fed harvested feed. Tight wooled, clean of tags. Majority are May & June lambs that can work a lot of ways. Coming off mountain feed